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Life with MS Sucks. Right?

Are you like most with Multiple Sclerosis: dazed, confused and angry with your Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis? Perhaps you’re unclear what exactly MS is, the real causes, what to expect, or how to cure it?

To make matters worse, you’ve probably been given a stark choice: Either take drugs to reduce the immediate MS pains, (but long term who knows the side effects?). Or, you can forget the drugs, and have less damaging side effects, but live in Hell. Gee, what a crappy choice!

MS Scream

So you go from doctor to doctor, one drug, or latest ‘cure’ to the next...Tysabri, Cipro, Copaxone, Zoloft, Avonex, Mitoxantrone, Dantrium, Aubagio Ditropan, Gilenya, more interferons, more steroids…….etc etc etc Even though most of these drugs are now proven to be damaging, especially to your brain and liver.

Naturopaths try to suggest less damaging solutions like a low fat, high fibre diet. Others say “Detox”. “Alkalinize”. Or how about yoga, acupuncture, water exercises...?

All the while you’re desperately hoping to escape this dreary life of dependency and endless questioning: “Why me?” “How will I cope?” “WHY can’t I get specific answers about this weird disease?

You soon discover that.....

Improvements in diet and exercise help initially, then they stop working. Why?

Your positive attitude keeps you going for a while, but it’s bloody tough given the huge challenges you face. And thinking positively takes too much effort anyway when you feel lousy doesn’t it?!

Medications can mask some of the symptoms, temporarily at least. But at what cost? Huge, possibly permanent physical damage and financial hardship.

What works for Bob, doesn’t work for you. Nothing seems to work for you long term, does it?!

Upside Down

Despite all your best efforts and the ‘expert’ advice, you get no better and often worse.

Amidst this confusion, this bizarre disease changes you, how you view the world and how the world sees you.

Everything is the Same. Yet Different!

You see yourself as ‘worthless’ - a sick statistic trapped in an embarrassing body you can’t control. Powerless.

Society labels you as ‘disabled’. Friends and family see you as ‘dependent’, but say “Oh you look SOOO Good”, even when you feel like Hell most of the time.

No one sees the pain you feel inside. The loss of self respect, the muddled self identity. The sheer exhaustion of it all.

No one, not even the ‘experts’, understands the MS emotional roller coaster. They don’t want to.

But You Do.

You know that if you had the proven facts about MS, and the personal dedicated help you need, you could cure yourself.

Get these facts and personal help by accessing our main site Naked Multiple Sclerosis

You’re Right!

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Enough Is Enough

After 15 years of living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, I understand the MS trauma. 15 years is enough! People with MS may seem Powerless BUT we are Not Stupid!

Pill Poison

When I finally realised that conventional medical drugs were destroying me, I said: No More.

I decided to take responsibility for my health. So I studied Conventional and Alternative medicine and nutrition to establish what MS is really all about, and then, how to naturally and holistically cure myself, and help others do the same.

The result is our main site Naked Multiple Sclerosis: a detailed revelation of the naked facts about MS. Facts now proven by many, and unobscured by confusing medical myths, fiction and Big Pharma profiteering. Facts which you can use to help cure yourself......

And the KEY fact is....?

Multiple Sclerosis is not, as Conventional Medicine says:

Rather, MS is:

How Will You Cure Your MS?

You now have the remarkable opportunity to cure yourself of MS by interacting with an MS expert who has lived, breathed and beaten the MS Monster. Discover how you can get that rare knowledge and help by entering your name and email address and pressing ‘Submit’ on the form below. This will immediately give you access to the privileged information at Naked Multiple Sclerosis

There you will discover the real, naked facts about this weird disease which few have dared to reveal, and also how you can get the personal help of an MS expert who really understands your challenges


Whether you just want an occasional question answered, a personal, comprehensive plan to address root causes, or maybe something in between, Caramia Hartley gives you clear and frank answers to questions you so desperately seek.

Whatever kind of help you want, it will be based on Caramia’s proven process for delivering personal MS solutions. This is in the form of a Customised Six Step Plan which helps you to cure your MS for good.

Caramia is an MS expert who has lived with and studied MS for 15 years. During that time, she has communicated with many who are dedicated to discovering the MS facts, causes and cures.

Yes, contrary to what you may have been told: MS does have clear causes and cures!

Caramia’s experience enables her to understand MS from the physical, biological, psychological, emotional, mental and sexual perspectives. And how these different aspects interact and cause the MS symptoms you know. Indeed, she is passionate about helping you avoid the pain, expense and mistakes she made on her road to recovery.

However, she can’t cure you. Only you can do that. Rather, Caramia will dedicate herself to helping you cure yourself. Permanently.

Isn’t that what you want?

While deciding what help you need, please ask yourself:

  1. How much do I really want good health?
  2. How much is my good health, wellbeing and happiness worth to me?
MS Survivor

They are priceless aren’t they?. You are priceless.

Just because you ‘have MS’ doesn’t mean it ‘has’ You.

It doesn’t define you. Unless you let it. After all, Multiple Sclerosis is only two words. Not a death sentence!

Now it’s time to Get Naked (!) and cure your MS by going to:Naked Multiple Sclerosis

There you will not only discover the real facts about MS which few have dared to reveal, but also how you can get the personal help of an MS expert who really understands your challenges

What are the Benefits?

  • Personal practical help from an MS expert who helps you to cure your MS.
  • Understanding about core, especially emotional issues which explain MS, and how to address them.
  • Freedom from your inner MS traumas and stresses.
  • Up to date MS emotional research news and topical information from experts.
  • Clear self identity and greater self respect.
  • Improved understanding about who you are, what you want in life and how to achieve it.
  • A life of purpose and passion.
  • Peace of mind, heart body and soul.
  • Love of yourself and others.
  • Interaction with like minded others.
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Now you know the facts, and see the Rare Personal Help on offer,

Get Naked at

Naked Multiple Sclerosis


FREE yourself from the MS Monster for Good!

Breaking Free

I look forward to seeing you enjoy Robust Health and Happiness!

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Cure Yourself of MS in 6 Steps

Here’s an outline of my proven process for delivering personal MS solutions. It’s an outline only because my approach is very individual. What works for you won’t be right for another member. That’s why this personal service is so unusual and in demand.

This is the full process: MS CURE PLAAN (a double ‘A’ rated plan!)


  1. CU = Collection & Understanding of relevant data: medical diagnostics, medical records, MS history questionaires, etc.
  2. RE = Review & Evaluation. Consult with other medical experts as apt.
  3. PL = Plan = Based on my thorough analysis, I will design a custom plan to address your unique needs.
  4. A = Agreement: We will discuss my recommendations and agree the Plan.
  5. A = Action: You then need to implement the Plan to see the results and benefits!
  6. N = Note: I will note your progress, and suggest improvements to help you stay on target.
When Will I See Results?

I don’t know! That depends on so many factors outside of my control. I can only answer that more precisely when I know you and your needs better.

A short discussion or email exchange may answer your questions. But it is unlikely to address root causes. Whereas a personal one to one MS Cure Plan which addresses root causes is as long as it takes.... This is likely to be months.

How Much Will Curing Me Cost?

Again that depends on you: a couple of email and call exchanges will cost less than a fully customised face to face plan. Options are described on our main Naked Multiple Sclerosissite which you access by filling out the Opt In Form right below.

In essence, the time and cost depends on how serious you are about finally curing yourself of MS. Once you show your determination, I’ll commit to helping you become free of the MS mess.

I promise you that.

I look forward to showing you how in your Free Trial.......

I need to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go by collecting as much information about you as possible.

We will have in depth discussions about your background, lifestyle, childhood, medical history, personal relationships, diet, exercise, hopes and, fears. I will also want to see any blood work (tests) or other test results and I may ask you to do new relevant ones.

If we think it appropriate, we may involve other people, like partners or doctors in these discussions.

I will thoroughly review and evaluate all the information from the previous step. This is often a very detailed and complicated process because many variables need to be considered and checked.

My review and evaluation will describe what I believe the key causes of and cures for your MS are.

Based on my thorough analysis, I will design a practical personal plan to achieve the results you want.

This plan will address the root causes of MS specific to you. It may cover areas such as your conscious and subconscious emotional/psychological blocks, your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, bevavious, relationships, diet, exercise, breathing, and other specific lifestyle issues.

To keep you focused and motivated, the plan will detail recommendations translated into realistic, practical milestones and steps. These will be as simple and natural as possible, so you can use them yourself without using more ‘experts’ or toxic drugs.

In essence, your MS Cure Plaan, will be exclusive to your unique needs and expectations, and, fundamentally, realistic.

Indeed, we will respect what is intrinsically right for you and your ‘biological makeup’. Please do not expect overnight miracles! With your dedication, enthusiasm, self belief and determination, and my knowledge and tools you will achieve your goals when you and your body are ready.

You Are What You Believe!